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Buffalos Ultimate Fitness Facility creates a unique experience
with an enjoyable atmosphere designed to make a healthy lifestyle fun.
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“BUFF”, as we like to be called, is a gym experience like no other. Our state of the art equipment and qualified staff will ensure our clients goals are reached by providing an atmosphere of instruction, education and understanding. Whether you are participating in a private training session, group class or working out in our open gym, our attention to detail will help you succeed. Come see why it’s better in the BUFF.


Personal Training

Lose fat, gain muscle, stretch, have more energy, whatever your goal, our educated and experienced trainers are here to help you. We will make sure you stay on track with routine body composition testing, nutritional guidance, and open communication.

Group Classes

Our group classes are truly small group training. With a maximum of 6 clients per class, we make sure that you get the attention you deserve. BUFF offers Gravity Class, H.I.I.T. Class and BUFF Boxing.

Open Gym

BUFF has every aspect the Open Gym goer searches for; cutting edge cardio, dumbells, selectorized, and plate loaded equipment. We have the cleanest and most organized open gym in Western New York. Our knowledgeable staff is always available.

  • This is my go to place to train while in Buffalo. Exceptionally knowledgeable staff about all aspects of training including nutrition and supplements. Thanks for the great workout!

    Kathy Berger
  • Having worked out successfully with the trainers at BUFF for about 18 months, I am looking to them continuing the excellent motivation and programs that keep me coming back.

    Tim Creenen
  • I’ve had a few different personal trainers and Brett is by far the Most Fun!! That’s important to a big girl that hates exercise. He’ll make you work hard and encourage you to meet your goals.

    Alyson Miller


The ammenities at BUFF allow our members the ability to achieve an efficient workout in a luxurious atmosphere. Featuring cutting edge cardio equipment, an educated training staff, and even complimentary towel service. BUFF can truly deliver the best of all worlds because BUFF delivers an experience like no other.


Certified Personal Trainers

Learn Proper Resistance Training Techniques in a friendly atmosphere that will help you to reach your fitness goals.

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Open Gym

Enjoy an effective workout with top of the line; Cybex, Hoist, Precor, and Hammer Strength resistance and cardio equipment.

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Group Classes

BUFF offers small group training that range from High Intensity Interval Training to Stretching and Foam Rolling Classes.

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InBody Composition Testing

All BUFF members are urged to receive an InBody test every four to six weeks, so they can monitor their progress.

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Now offering Pilates with the newest member of the BUFF team; Brookelyn Christopher is now in her newly renovated private studio.

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Massage Therapy

Beth Young and Karen Roth can help relieve a variety of muscular issues with a diverse range of relaxing and therapeutic techniques.

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Certified Personal Training

Buffalo’s Ultimate Fitness Facility employs several of the most qualified trainers in Western New York. Each Trainer is held to the highest standard. Prestigious national certifications are mandatory and must remain up to date. This insistence on education directly benefits our clientele. Customized personal training programs are designed to fit each client’s specific needs.

  • 4x a week as low as $36 per hour
  • 3x a week as low as $38 per hour
  • 2x a week as low as $45 per hour
  • 1x a week as low as $55 per hour

Open Gym

Clean and Quality equipment is exactly what you will find at BUFF. Our resistance training machines will meet any member’s need. Expresso interactive stationary bikes are a great break from the same old cardio. Joint friendly ellipticals and cross trainers will get you moving! However, we also have dumbbells and a power rack, which are staples of any experienced person’s resistance training routine.

  • 1 year paid in full (PIF) $27/month
  • 1 year monthly $29/ month
  • 1 year PIF + 24 Group Classes $44/month
  • NO CONTRACT $39/month

Group Classes

Whether you are a beginner or a regular to group classes, BUFF has the class to suit any member. We are very proud to offer a diverse list; H.I.I.T., Gravity, TRX, and BUFF Boxing. High Intensity Interval Training is designed to challenge even the most advanced client! The peak output and then rest period cycles will take you to your limits. Gravity and TRX are both structured to be a total body workout for any fitness level. And don’t forget BUFF Boxing a great way to relieve some stress and burn off those unwanted pounds.


InBody Composition Testing

“The true measure of success is progress” – Brett Hickey. Buffalo’s Ultimate Fitness Facility features one of the most accurate pieces of body composition tools. The Inbody allows the BUFF personal training team tailor a unique program and help you to set attainable goals. Lean muscle distribution, water balance, and body fat percentage give the true picture of clients health.


Pilates with Brookelyn

Pilates is a form of exercise that emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility and awareness to support mindful movements. One of the benefits of the Pilates method is that it works extremely well for a wide range people, including athletes, dancers, golfers, seniors, pregnant women and anyone seeking rehabilitation. Brookelyn is certified on the Reformer and Tower through Balanced Body University. Today she is proud to be a BUFF teammate and owner of Pilates with Brookelyn. Please call to schedule an appointment.


Massage Therapy

BUFF has something to meet every member’s needs. We are excited to offer a relaxing and therapeutic massage from either of our licensed therapists. The services offered include; standard massage, deep tissue massage, lymphatic massage, body wraps, and facial treatments. All massage is provided separate from the BUFF memberships. Please call for additional information, or to schedule a treatment. 716-844-3838



The highest quality fitness experience in Western New York does not have to be the most expensive. BUFF believes a world class facility should be accessible to everyone. We have set our pricing structure as well as the entire experience to maximize our member’s success. The best of the fitness world is under one roof for an affordable price.


Monthly Plan

Single Membership
  • Open Gym Access
  • Towel Service
  • 1-year commitment
$29.00per month

Monthly Plan

Single Membership
  • Open Gym Access
  • Towel Service
  • No Contract
$39.00Per Month

Yearly Plan

Single Membership
  • Open Gym Access
  • Towel Service
  • Must be Paid in Full
$27.00Per Month

Couple’s Memberships are available at a discounted rate. Please contact us for more information.

" Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. "
John F. Kennedy


The friendly and inviting staff at Buffalo’s Ultimate Fitness Facility is happy to answer any question. Information regarding Personal Training, Group Classes, Open Gym, Pilates, and Massage can be can be acquired by emailing us directly, or simply give us a call at 716-844-3838.

Buffalo’s Ultimate Fitness Facility

4193 Transit Road
Williamsville, NY 14221
(716) 844-3838

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